I have been researching my Stafford ancestors and would like to share what I know AND, hopefully, someone out there can fill in the blanks - and there are no doubt many.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Stafford Lineage as I know it.

Welcome to My Stafford   Lineage and Documentation

    If you feel you may share my Stafford lineage,  this blog has been developed in hopes of helping you document your connection to my ancestry.   Perhaps together we can further our research.  My known Stafford lineage is provided and any information that may serve the purpose of proving relationships and earlier generations is being provided.  If you have information that you feel may be of benefit, please let me know and perhaps it, too, can be published on this page.

                           My known Stafford lineage: 

I.      Mary Ellen Stafford  b. ca. 1786 NC  (Note:  This picture of Mary Ellen Stafford shows her with her granddaughter, Cynthia Barrett, taken about 1860).   This picture is on glass and is in now in the possession of my oldest sister, Sharon, who lives in Jacksonville, FL. It was in my grandmother's belongings and Cynthia Barrett was her mother.  (Cynthia wrote on the glass "grandmother"); Mary Ellen Stafford m. 26 June 1806 Highland Co., OH to Peleg Ro(d)gers b. ca. 1782 NC, d. 29 Jan 1864 Edgar Co., IL.
        Their children:
Esther Rogers (note that Ann Stafford Davis named a
              daughter Easter) b. 1807 OH; m.  David Barrett
        2.   Thomas Rogers b. 1810 Fayette Co., OH; m/1: Arminda

              White; m/2: Elizabeth Stamback
        3.   Nancy "Anna" Rogers b. 3 Feb 1812 OH; m. Aden

              Barrett (my ancestors)
        4.    Elizabeth "Betsey" Rogers b. 1815 Fayette Co., OH;

              m.  Joseph Bell
        5.   John Rogers b. 1820 Fayette Co., OH; m/1: Elizabeth Dodd; m/2: Alie Caroline Bean;  m/3: Permelia ___
        6.     Mahala Rogers b. 17 Mar 1822 Ross co., OH; m. Jacob Snead
        7.     James Rogers b. ca. 1823 Fayette Co., OH; m. Mary Miller
        8.     Charles Rogers b. ca. 1826-28 Fayette Co., OH; m. Mary "Polly" Ann Hawn
        9.     Mary "Polly" Rogers b. ca. 1826 Fayette Co., OH; m. Allen Johns (Johnson?)
      10.     Rebecca Rogers b. ca.1827 Fayette Co., OH; m. Alfred Canady/Kennedy

My possible family:
(unknown) Stafford b. ___; d. ___; m. ____.  Sources:  1850 Fayette Co., OH; 1850 Edgar Co., IL Census; Early Settlers of Fayette co., OH 1872, p.28; Arthur Stafford a Bondsman for marriage of Ann Stafford and Benjamin Davis.  I, personally,  have never seen this Arthur Stafford anywhere.
Their children:
(According to History of Fayette Co., OH 1984 - Ann Stafford's brothers were Young Stafford and Charles Stafford) [Note:  In the 1820 Fayette Co., OH Census - Wayne Twp, p.188 - Peleg Rogers is enumerated next to Benjamin Davis and 3 dwellings down appears Young Stafford.  By 1830 Peleg has moved to Clark Co., IL]

    1.    Ann Stafford b. ca. 1783; d. 27 Aug 1854 aged 71 years (Benjamin Davis Graveyard); m. 15 Mar 1801 Rowan Co., NC to Benjamin Davis b. ca. 1768 Rowan Co., NC, d. 1837 aged 69 years (Benjamin Davis Graveyard, Fayette Co., OH - LDS Film #862024).  Bondsman for the marriage bond was Arthur Stafford (I have not seen this actual marriage bond and would like to have a copy for my files for documentation.)
        Their children:
        1.    Jacob Davis b. 1802 Red Stone, PA (according to History of Fayette Co., OH pub.1984); m. Ellen Wilkenson
       2.    Hiram Davis m. Nancy Wilkenson
        3.    Joel Davis m. Cynthia Rosebrook
  Zerubable Davis b. 1804; d. 1830 unm.
        5.    Ester/Easter Davis m. Andrew (Morris) Rowe
        6.    Sarah Davis m. William Wilkerson or Wilkenson
        7.    Polly Davis - nothing known of her
        8.    John/Joseph Davis - said to have moved to Iowa
2.    possibly Mary Ellen Stafford b. ca. 1786 (See above)

3.    Charles Stafford b. ca. 1788 SC; m. Nancy ___ b. ca. 1781 MD.  Sources:  1850 Green Twp, Fayette Co., OH;  Deed from Charles Stafford to Peleg Rogers 1819.
        Their children:
        1.    Robinson Stafford b. ca. 1810 OH ("Idiotic" per census record)
        2.    Solomon Stafford b. ca. 1814 OH
   Weymon H. Stafford b. ca. 1820 OH
        4.    Stephen Stafford b. ca. 1822 OH
        5.    Charles Stafford
        6.    Rachel Stafford
        7.    Rebecca Stafford
        8.    Nancy Stafford
        9.    Jane Stafford
      10.    Hannah Stafford
4.    Young Stafford b. ca. 1789 NC; m. Mary "Polly" Heath  Sources:  1850 Fayette Co., OH - Wayne Twp.  Note that Young Stafford served in the same company as my Peleg Rogers and Peleg's wife was Mary Ellen Stafford.
        1.    Andrew J. Stafford b. ca. 1828 OH
        2.    Matilda Stafford b. ca. 1832 OH
        3.    Emily Stafford b. ca. 1837 OH
    4.    Babel (Zerobabbel?) Stafford b. 1833 OH - perhaps named after his uncle.  Ann Stafford also named a son Zerobabbel - obviously "Babel" is a nickname or shorty version of the same name.
        5.    Rebecca Stafford b. ca. 1835 OH
  [Note: Two of the Stafford children (Ann and Young) named sons Zerababble(sp).]

State of Ohio - Fayette County.  11 Nov 1850 appeared Young Stafford aged 61 years a resident of said Fayette County... he is the identical Young Stafford who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Robert McElwain in the Regiment of Riflemen in the War... that he volunteered as the substitute of George Henkle at Bloomingburgh in said county of Fayette... Signed by mark of Young Stafford
    On 24 March 1855 appeared Young Stafford aged 63... - received 80 acres of bounty land.  Also served as substitute in Captain Conrad Flesher's Company of New York Militia from 12 Mar 1814 to 16 Apr 1814.

War of 1812 Records forPeleg Rogers:
Pvt - Capt. Coonrod Flesher's Company March 12 to April 16, 1814
[Note that Young Stafford and Peleg Rogers were in the same company for the same period of time.  A very close relationship must be assumed.]

Fayette County, OH Deed Book "C" - p.79-80
    This Indenture made this twentieth day of January in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen between Charles Stafford & Nancy his wife of the county of Fayette and  state of Ohio of the one part and Peleg Rogers of the county & state aforesaid of the other part Witnessed that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred & thirty dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and forever ___ the said Peleg Rogers hath granted bargained and sold by   by these presents do hereby bargain & sell unto the aforesaid Peleg Rogers his heirs and assigns forever all that tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county & state aforesaid and on the waters of Paint creek & bounded as follows:  Beginning . . . Humphrey Warren's line . . . being part of a survey of 1333 1/3 acres entered in the name of John Taylor Griffin and patented to William Lytle No. 728 . . . to him the said Peleg Rogers his heirs and assigns forever . . .   Signed by mark of Charles Stafford and mark of Nancy Stafford.  Witnesses:  John Wicks and Robert Waddle
[RSM note:  This appears to be the same land that Charles Stafford purchased in 1814 from William Lytle by his attorney, Nathaniel Pope and witnessed by Jesse Barrett and Robert McElivain.
[RSM note:  This shows a tie between Charles Stafford and Peleg Rogers.]

Fayette Co., OH Deed Book E p.611-612
Indenture 25 Oct 1828 between Peleg Rogers and Mary his wife and Samuel Orr $200.00 On the waters of Paint Creek & bounded as follows viz: bounded by Humphrey Warrens... 

Highland Co., OH  - Indenture - 19 Nov 1805 between William Stafford & Phanah his wife and John Stafford - $200.00.  Situate on Waters of Paint Creek beginning at John Stafford's corner sugartree.   Signed by William Stafford and Phanah Stafford.  Witnesses:  Jacob Young and James Stafford. 

Highland Co., OH  Fairfield Twp.- Indenture - 19 Nov 1805 Bet. William Stafford & Fanny his wife and Jonas Stafford - $10.00 beginning at John Staffords corner sugar tree.  Signed by mark of William Stafford and Fanny Stafford - witnesses:  Saml Littler and Robt Stafford

Highland Co., OH - Indenture - 19 Nov 1805 between William Stafford & Fanny his wife and Jonas land beginning Moore Nickovers.  Signed by mark of William Stafford and Fanny Stafford.  Witnesses:  Jonas Stafford and Robert Stafford

Highland Co., OH - Indenture - 19 Nov 1805 between William Stafford & Fanny his wife and Jonas Stafford - Situate - Waters of Paint Creek . . . to Jonas Stafford and in the line of Benjamin Davis
  Signed by mark of William Stafford and Fanny Stafford.  Attested: Robert Stafford and Benjamin Davis
[RSM note:  Shows  the William Stafford/Benjamin Davis connection]

Highland Co., OH - Indenture - 19 Sept 1805 between William Stafford & Frances his wife and Benjamin Davis $300.00 --- waters of Paint Creek --- Phineas Hunts ....  Signed by mark of William Stafford and Phanna Stafford.  Witnesses:  Robert Stafford and Jacob Young 

Highland Co., OH - Indenture - 19 Nov 1805 between William Stafford & Phannah his wife and Robert Stafford $200.00 - waters of Paint Creek -- Phineas Hunts ...  Signed by mark of William Stafford and Phanah Stafford - Witnesses:  James Stafford and Saml Litler 

Pasquotank County, North Carolina Will of William Stafford dated 12 November 1750.  Sons:  John and Stephen (land to each).  Daughters:  Susannah and Mary. Wife and Executrix:  Elender.  Other legatee:  Rachel Rew.  Executor: William Wayman.   Witnesses:  James Duffy, Job Nickoles, Hez. Cartwright.  No probate.
[Note that Charles Stafford with wife Nancy above named two sons Stephen and Waymon. - could there be a connection with these two families?] [In the Wills of NC are listed: William Wayman Will Book-I/35 AR 075 1765.  I was able to obtain an abstract of this will {Abstracts of Wills, Pasquotank County, North Carolina 1752-1824} and it states: "William Wayman.  Son William Wayman, son Calvin Wayman, son Thomas Wayman, daughter Lydia Wayman, daughter Taymer Davis, wife Charity Wayman.  Wife Charity, son William and Benjamin Jennings, execs.  12 Jan 1764.  Wit: Stephen Stafford, John Cartwright and Hezekiah Cartwright.  Proved January Court 1765".  Note the Stephen Stafford.     William Wayman WB-K/158 AR 075 1788.  I was able to obtain an abstract of this will {Abstracts of Wills, Pasquotank County, North Carolina 1752-1824} and it states: "William Wayman.  Son John Wayman the land known as Back Ridge, by brother Thomas Wayman, wife Ann Wayman, all my chidlren.  Samuel Richard and Thomas Wayman, execs.  3 Jan 1788.  Wit: Jno Stafford, Richard Prichard.  March Court 1788".    075 refers to the County of Pasquotank Co., NC.  AR refers to the fact that the original or the copy of the will is in the NC State Archives in Raleigh.  WE NEED COPIES OF THESE WILLS.]

While I was publishing "Stafford Data", I received a letter from Christopher Waldrep (Branch #35) which read, in part:  "I should point out that although I live in Fayette county, Ohio, none of my ancestors did....  In searching through Guilford county orders I found information on a number of persons named Stafford:
        Zerebabel Stafford; listed as insolvent in 1787
        Nathan Stafford; listed as insolvent in 1787
        William Stafford; listed as insolvent in 1789; deed in 1791; overseer of road in 1792;  juror in 1793, 1798, 1801, 1802, 1806, 1808; deed in 1809; defendant in 1805.
        John Stafford; juror in 1791, 1793; provided security for Nancy Williams that she might keep her children in 1801.
        James Stafford; deed in 1793; road overseer in 1794; juror in 1794, 1806, 1807; deed in 1808.
        George Stafford 1804 

The following was given to me by Gertha Brown many years ago and I have lost contact with her.  I will copy it only in part.
"1965 - Taken from the handwritten copy of Charmes Wm. Davis, San Francisco Cal - no date."
"To My Dear Children by C. W. Davis, F.R. Davis"
    "Benjamin Davis and Wife came from North Carolina to Ohio in a two-horse wagon in ___ and settled at high bank of Paint Creek, Wayne township, Fayette Co., Ohio.  This country was very sparcely settled at this time.  Indians was plentiful but they was civalized, not savages.  They raised a family, my remembrance only extend to Grand Father Jacob Davis born in 1802 an sister Easter Davis.  Aunt Easter married John Rew, and settled close to Stanton about 7 miles west.
    Their children = John Rowe
                             Margarett Jane and Aunt Pollie the wife of Lawson Snyder
Jacob Davis married Ellen Wilkinson.  She had one brother Oscar Wilkinson they lived in Mercer Co. Ohio close to Grand Reservoir or St. Marys lake.  Grand Ma Ellen had red hair and was a famous cook.  all cooking was done on the hearth.  and by the use of the crait in the fire place cornbread cooked on a board in front of the log fire was fameous for its crips and such feather beds.  it was a delight to get on a chair and fall over onto thees big fat feathers  I dont know grandma's birth   She died about 1872.  springtime  grandpa Jacob died about 1861.  My Father was the oldest of the family born 1827 - died 1884 at Oronogo Missouri. Jacob and Ellen Davis family                                            John Davis 1827
                                                      Jacob, Jr.
it continues..... ...
"Grand Pa Jacob Davis had one sister Easter Davis.  that is all of the family so far as I know.  Aunt Easter married Morris Rowe. and lived close to Stannton Fayette Co. Ohio  My wife, Rollie and I was to see them on our visit to Ohio July and August 1888 also Abner and Nancy Dixon, Jane Davis, Wm Davis & Family living on the old 1st settled farm of Grand Pa Benjimman Davis. high bank. of Paint Creek. of 1802.  our old Neighbors Nathan Coffman Sam Coffman Tommy Dixon father of all the Dixons   UncleYoung Stafford father of Solimon. Jackson. Charlie Stafford  Uncle Young Stafford was some relation by marriage on the Davis side  I can not remember.  think he married a Wilkinson. of Grandma Wilkinsons family....

NORTH CAROLINA TAXPAYERS 1701-1786 By Clare E. Ralcliff
Stafford, David  Crav 1720                      Stafford,Wm.  Beau 1742
               Edward  Curr 1715                                  Wm.  Curr  1715
               Edward Esq Pitt 1762                              Wm  NewH 1762
               Edward  Pitt 1764                                    Wm  NewH 1763
John  Pasq 1768                                        Wm  Onsl 1769
               Laban  Casw 1777                                   Wm  Onsl 1770
               Richard  Pitt 1762                                    Wm  Pitt 1762
Samuel  Pasq 1769                                    Wm Jr.  Pitt 1762
               Samuel  Pitt 1775                                     Wm  Pitt 1764
Stephen  Pasq 1769                                   Wm Jr.  Pitt 1764
               Thomas  Perq 1720                                 
Wm  Rowa 1744
               Thomas  Perq 1740                                  Wm  Surr 1772
                                                                                 Wm  Surr 1774
Ann Stafford married Benjamin Davis in Rowan County, NC.


1.    Mary Ellen Stafford  b. ca. 1786 NC;  m. 26 June 1806 Highland Co., OH to Peleg Ro(d)gers b. ca. 1782
       NC, d. 29 Jan 1864 Edgar Co., IL.  (Note:  This picture above shows Mary Ellen Stafford shows her with her granddaughter, Cynthia Barrett, taken about 1860.   The picture is on glass and is in my possession. It was in my grandmother's belongings and Cynthia Barrett was her mother.  Cynthia wrote "grandmother" on the glass)

2.     Nancy "Anna" Rogers b. 3 Feb 1812 OH; m. 5 Dec 1828 Edgar Co., IL to Aden Barrett  b. 1811 OH
3.     Cynthia Ann Barrett, b. 8 May 1843 IL
;m. 1 Feb 1866 Coles Co., IL 30 (as his second wife) to John L         Doughty  b. 11 Mar 1843 Benton Co., AR
4.     Mary "Mayme" Adelaide Doughty b. 25 Jan 1879 Osage Mission, Osage Co., KS; m. 25 Feb 1897
        Pawnee Co., OK to  James Frances FAY b. 29 Jan 1872 St. Anne, Kankakee Co., IL
5.     Doris Mary Fay b. 8 Sept 1913 near Bellingham, Whatcom Co., WA; m. 8 Nov1934 Waterville, Douglas   Co., WA to William "Bill"Russell b. 24 Mar 1909 Everson, Whatcom Co., WA.  They had 4 children - will only list me, below.
6.     Ruby Louise Simonson; m. to Duane L. McNeill
Submitted by:  Ruby Simonson McNeill

1.     Ann Stafford b. ca. 1783,  d. 27 Aug 1854  Fayette Co. OH  m. 1 Mar1801 in Rowan Co. NC to
        Benjamin Davis b. ca. 1768,  d.1837 Fayette Co., OH
2.     Esther (Hester) Davis b. May 6, 1809 Wayne Twp., Fayette Co., OH, d. 10 Aug 1879 Fayette Co., OH; m.  16 September 16, 1830 in  Fayette Co. OH to Andrew Row b. October 28, 1803, d. 2 June 1840  Fayette Co. OH
3.     Sarah Ellen Row b. Abt. 1832,  d. 21 July 1908 Cowley Co. KS;  m. 27 Mar 1852 Fayette Co.,OH  to Morris  Bigelow Rowe b. 3 May 1827 Fayette Co. OH,  d. 12 June1894 Cowley Co., KS
4.     Margaret Alice Rowe b. 15 January 1866 OH,  d. 18 January 1929  Dade Co., MO  m. 19 April 1883  Dade  Co., MO  to David Theophilus King  b. 26 March 1864 MO, d. 15 Sept 1934 Dade Co. MO
5.     Horton Harber King b. 19 Aug 1889 Near Cambridge Co., KS,  d. 13 Aug 1964  Dade Co. MO;  m. 11 May 1918 Dade Co., MO to Ruth Sunderland  b. 3 June 1895 Dade Co. MO, d. 10 Dec 1979 Greene Co., MO
6.     Mary Elizabeth King b. 20 Aug 1921 Dade Co. MO,  d. 16 Apr 1991 Greene Co. MO; m.  6 June 1954 in Bolivar, Polk Co. MO to Robert H. Carns b. 13 Mar 1910 Dade Co. MO
7.     Roberta Ann Carns b. 7 Sept 1955 Dade Co., MO; m. 3 June 1977 Bolivar, Polk Co., MO to Franklin B. McReynolds b. 26 July 26, 1953
Submitted by:  Roberta Carns McReynolds

(I do not have a current address nor email for Roberta but believe she still lives in Joplin, MO)



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